4 Ways Of Showing More Love For The Environment

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Gratitude for everything we receive from the environment is best expressed through love and respect. However, how can we do this?

In order to protect the environment, one must follow practices that contribute to environmental protection and inspire others to do the same.

If you have an enthusiasm for the environment, then there are four extraordinary, inspiring, and amazing ways to show more love. These practices will benefit the environment as well as enrich your life.


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Let us make a disclaimer first, that minimalism has nothing to do with restrictions. Also, it doesn’t only mean to get your closet full of the same colored apparel. It is something beyond such stereotypes, like contributing to environmental safety by being less destructive and producing less waste.

Never limit it just to apparel or shoe collections, bring minimalism to every aspect of your life. Buy and useless items as compared to an average American. It would lead you towards a lifestyle that makes less or no harm to the environment.

Follow minimalist cooking tips that advise having healthy food without adding unnecessary condiments or spices just for flavors.

Sustainable Substitutes

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Look around and you will hardly recognize things that ensure the environment does not come to harm. From a plastic water bottle to a carry bag that is not disposable, a lot of basic to advanced items are there.

Different industries causing harm to the environment confuse nature lovers. Because even the industries that fulfill our basic needs cause harm such as the apparels industry.

According to Wikipedia, the fashion industry contributes to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change.

However, even the indispensable items can be replaced with organic substitutes like wearing sustainable dresses, replacing plastic bags with jute bags, and so on.

Go Paperless

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A very basic practice that you can start on an immediate basis. You might think that a small piece of paper can’t negatively impact nature. but knowing the awful facts about it will encourage you to go paperless.

Manufacturing of paper causes deforestation that takes the world towards global warming, low air quality, water pollution, soil erosion, etc.

Energy Saver

A minimalist and paperless lifestyle is not worth it if you drain out energy produced after harming nature.

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Energy is important and saving it is more crucial. Your ideology as an environmentalist must be to use less and save more.

Don’t unnecessarily charge your electronic devices, try to turn off the engines on red lights to save on gas. Using less and saving more energy conserves natural resources and reduces air and water pollution.


Our environment has given a great deal to us, and we still have a lot to receive, but we return very little or nothing except appreciation or gratitude. With global warming becoming a major crisis, now is the right time to show our love for our environment.

Help our green friends to grow, and live a lifestyle that harms less, takes less, and gives more.




A Writer With Clarity Of Words & Skeptical Thoughts !!!

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Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai

A Writer With Clarity Of Words & Skeptical Thoughts !!!

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