Who Is An Established Writer?

Before I start writing, I want you to read this sentence loudly — “Writing Is An Art, Not A Skill.”

Make sense? I know it doesn’t (as of now), but keep it in your mind. (I’ll get back to it)

Being a writer, what’s the biggest challenge?

It’s not….

-Lack of enriched vocabulary.

-Lack of grammar rules.

-Lack of a good reading habit.

-Lack of stories & ideas.

It is….

-People are stating you as an established or non-established writer!

How do they judge a writer as an established or non-established?

I asked a few experienced writers about it, they said the following thing:

-They never thought to become an established writer. They just wanted to write something, and somehow they adopted it as a profession.

Some other writers came up with thoughts like:

You are an established writer if…

-You earn from writing.


-You learn from writing.


I am earning and learning from writing from the very beginning :). So does it mean I was an established writer on the first day?

Also, there are some writers….

-Those who write very well, but they don’t earn anything from it.

-Those who don’t write well but earn well.

-Those who Write, earn, and are still in the learning process.

What’s the point?

Let’s knock on Google’s door and ask for help.

I just searched the same question on Google & here is what I came up with.

I’m still not convinced as Google is showing some irrelevant things. Every writer is not writing for screenplays or TV Shows, not even I write.

(However, In the future, I would like to be into writing screenplays (Thanks to Varun Grover🙃) only if I get a quick positive response from PocketAces 🤪).

In a nutshell, there is no standard or fixed criteria to judge a writer as an established or non-established writer. Even a kid who is writing something can be an established writer.

It is not…

-A business where you have competitors. (Writers never compete, they collaborate)

-An Olympics event, where you play to win. (Writers never fight for victory, they write to make history).

Don’t worry; I will not let you go with the same question in your mind…

Google recommended a blog titled “How To Become A Writer.”

Established or Non-established? Not mentioned there, but it has ten steps to help you become a good writer.

These are the ten steps:

Step 1: Become a better reader

Step 2: Write Everyday

Step 3: Start a Blog

Step 4: Read the book “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley

Step 5: Enroll in an Online Writing Course

Step 6: Find a Place to Get Honest Critiques

Step 7: Start Journaling

Step 8: Practice Becoming More Conversational

Step 9: “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

Step 10: Recognize Why You Want to Become a Writer

And I skipped the first eight steps 😅 and jumped to one of my favorites 🤣, “STEP 9: Write Drunk, Edit Sober”🤤.

Let me sum it up…

Say it again…

“Writing Is An Art, Not A Skill.”

Never try to judge an artist by the outcome, benefits, and achievements of his “ART” because an artist is not doing it to impress anyone. He is doing it for inner satisfaction, and it can never be compared with the establishment.




A Writer With Clarity Of Words & Skeptical Thoughts !!!

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Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai

A Writer With Clarity Of Words & Skeptical Thoughts !!!

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